• Divide everyone into groups of five to eight.
  • Each participant gets a stack of index cards or index card-size sticky notes. The problem statement is written visibly on a board.
  • Each person writes one idea on a card and places it on his right side.
  • When a participant runs out of ideas, they pick a card from the pile on their left and try to add to it. If they can add to the idea, they write it on a new card, attach the two cards together, and move both cards to the pile on the right.
  • If they can’t do anything with that card, they move it to the pile on the right and retrieve another card from their left.
  • A moderator keeps the cards circulating.
  • The process is complete at end of pre-determined time (e.g., 30 minutes).
  • The last step is to sort the ideas using a clustering method.

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